B.Voc – Operation Theatre Technology

The Operation Theater Technician course Certificate in India is a comprehensive program designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to assist with surgical procedures in the operating room. This course covers a range of topics including sterilization, surgical instruments, and patient care in the operating room. Students also learn how to use medical equipment, prepare operating theaters for surgery, and deal with surgical emergencies. This program is suitable for those who aspire to a career as a theater technician,

 an important role in any task force. Due to the growing demand for qualified medical professionals in India, completion of this course can open many employment opportunities in public and private medical institutions.

If you are considering a career in theater technology, there is no better place to study than the Relevium Institute of Medical Sciences. Our Surgical Technician Certificate course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive education covering all aspects of surgical procedures and surgical treatment. Our experienced lecturers are experts in their field and offer students practical training in a modern surgical environment. We also provide a supportive learning environment that encourages students to ask questions, engage with the material and develop the skills they need to be successful as theater technicians. Because we focus on hands-on learning, upon completion of the program, our students are well prepared for a successful career in healthcare.